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Webroot Login

Webroot is basically a cloud-based antivirus software which provides full protection from any malware and viruses on a computer. During Web browsing sessions, this will block all the malicious websites and also protects the user from identity theft by protecting their sensitive information like passwords, usernames, account numbers and more. This software will scans the computer in just few seconds for all the malware and viruses, and uses very little space for storage.


Before logging into Webroot account, the user first needs to create an account so that all the software and Services that webroot offers can be used properly.

For creating the new account-
  • Open any internet web browser
  • Open the official website of webroot security.
  • Find and click on the sign-up option of the Webroot Account that will be present at the top of the homepage of the Webroot.
  • It will open a new window for login, click on Create Account.
  • Firstly, type in the webroot product key code which you have received at the time of purchase of the webroot product and then fill in your email address that you want to associate with your Webroot Account. Then, it will ask to confirm the email address.
  • Now, type in your new and secured password and also confirm this password by re-entering it in the desired field.
  • Enter your secure password which should at least be 6 characters long. The easy-to-remember file can be used so that every time the user logs in to their webroot Account, they just need to enter any two characters of that code.
  • As a safety, (in case you forget your passwords or login information) you can select to answer for few Security questions i.e “safety issues”.
  • It is better to read all the privacy policy after the correct information is filled in the respective fields and click on the PRIVACY link for a privacy policy.
  • Carefully read all the license agreement when you continue with the development of the webroot Account which you’ll find at the very bottom of the screen.
  • Click on LOGIN NOW.
  • The email address that you put while creating the account you will receive a confirmation message from webroot department.
  • Now, open your email address and click on the email message you got from webroot and then click on the confirmation button.
  • Here, the authentication tab to confirm it will open and then you need to type any two Security characters that you mentioned during the account creation.
  • For ending, make a click on the button of Confirm Registration Now. give their customer a portal from which the webroot antivirus users can view and manage their protected devices. For opening this website, first, open any browser and then go to and type in your Webroot account credentials. After you logged in, the SecureAnywhere website will show the account details and the security status of all devices.

Webroot Activate

  • Open or on your browser.
  • Using your webroot credentials, sign in to the webroot account.
  • Fill in your 20 digits webroot product key code.
  • Choose Next for registering your webroot product.
  • Before proceeding further, accept the agree and Install button.
  • Your webroot antivirus will get activated.

Procedures for creation of webroot account

  • On your browser, the website of the Webroot online management account has to be opened (i.e. You will notice the panel of login and Create an Account.
  • Click on Create a new Account in the panel of the SecureAnywhere website.
  • This will open the Create Account registration page: Get the registration information Completed: Password, Email Address, Your Personal Security Code, Webroot Product Keycode etc.
  • Choose Register Now.
  • After the account is created and registered, you will receive a confirmation message on your email address which you entered during the registration.
  • Click on the link which is given in the confirmation email message for opening the page of Confirm Registration.

Webroot SecureAnywhere wants any two selected characters from the security code that you had selected while you were creating the new account. Fill in the requested characters and then make a click on Confirm Registration Now.

Steps for editing webroot account settings.

  • On the web browser, open
  • You can see Logging into your webroot account for more information.
  • Click on your email address located in the upper right corner of the management console and then, from the drop-down menu, choose Account Settings.
  • The Webroot account settings page will be displayed by SecureAnywhere.
  • Click on the button of Edit details or click on any of the change buttons for editing the information.

Steps for changing Webroot account password

  • Firstly, Go to your webroot account settings page that has been described above.
  • Click on the Change option which must be located next to the password.
  • Type in the right password place of the current password.
  • Fill in the right password in the field of New password.
  • Type in the same secure characters as you entered in the New password field, in the field of Repeat New password.
  • Once you are done, click on the button of Change password to complete.