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In this cyber world, it comes to be very crucial for the computer user to install active security software in their device. Because with the progression in technology, cyber crimes are rising. Therefore, AVG antivirus is the popular software that protects your device from internet hazards such as Trojans, spyware, phishing attacks, rootkits, ransomware, viruses and malware. This antivirus is convenient to install using It instantly recognizes any malicious fake links, websites or attachments and alerts you with notification of threat. It protects the userís system, even when they are away from their device and provides security from threats, both external and internal. This antivirus has the potential to resist an arising threat and then stop unauthorized entrance to your gadget.


AVG offers Great Protection:

AVG antivirus protects your data from viruses and malware by scanning those data. It instantly specifies the threat and then blocks it before it can reach the device. It secures your USB drives and DVD drives. It automatically provides the user with updates so that their devices have additional protection features and remedies all the patches. It employs advanced AI and real-time identification for stopping the advanced threats.

Web and Email Protection:

AVG Internet Security offers the user the safest way for connecting because it gives the user Email Shield technology. It prevents you from clicking on the email attachments or links that are malicious and that arrive from malicious senders and end up accidentally installing malware in the device. It offers the user real-time links and insurance against unsecured Wi-Fi spots. Before you can go on to click on any link, it will first scan it using the AVG internet security software and then provide you with a secure and clear way.

Protecting From Ransomware Attack:

It gives the enhanced Firewall feature that establishes a wall of defence between the gadget and cyber attacks. It constantly regulates and supervises the network traffic so that the user can safely browse on the web. It provides safety from ransomware attacks. No one can access the user's files, photos, private data, and passwords and hence, there is no threat of ransomware attack.

Privacy Protection:

This antivirus does not permit anyone to spy on you. No one can get access to your webcam if they donít have your consent, it encrypts and conceals the userís most private photos and files, and even permanently shreds documents as well that the user has used.

Protection for Payments:

Using this antivirus, one can securely do shopping online and banking. Since it blocks the scams and spams and even the vicious websites that are attempting to steal the userís data for their own personal advantage. It protects the userís personal information and identity protected from hackers.

Complete Family Protection:

With only a single subscription, it offers safety for every system in your family. Thus, this software extends security for the entire household devices. One can use to install this AVG product.

AVG Internet Security provides all-around security to your device.



For downloading and installing a new AVG AntiVirus/Internet Security, one can follow the instructions mentioned below. These even apply to transferring the userís AVG license to a new system.

Note: If one already has the program installed on their computer and they just are required to activate or reactivate their product, they can just jump to the Activating AVG instructions given below.


  • Run the file that has been downloaded for starting the process of installation.
  • Perform the on-screen instructions.
  • When asked, type-in the license number(AVG). The license number is automatically mailed to the userís email once bought.
  • Finish the installation process and get your computer restarted.


If the user already has the product installed on their computer and they are only required to activate/reactivate their AVG, they can follow the procedures below:

  • Make a double-click on the AVG icon present on your Desktop, or the AVG icon present in the notification area located in the bottom-right corner of the screen to Open AVG
  • In the AVG window select ĎOptions', and then make a click on Activate/Reactivate. In case the user does not see the option of the menu, they might have opened the AVG Zen window. In such circumstances, first, make a click on the Protection tile for opening the main AVG user interface.
  • Fill in the License Number that you must have received on your email after buying AVG in the field of New license number, and then click on Activate.
  • The AVG will then get activated with a new license number. The user can verify this by making a click on Support located in the top menu. Their license number and validity will be demonstrated, together with other product information.