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One couldn't deny the fact that Norton is an extremely reliable choice for cybersecurity. It has all the power needed to effectively fend off online attacks. Additionally though, you also need a Norton account for easy management of your Norton subscription and Norton product download. The following information will help you easily do the Norton login and access the My Nortan web portal dashboard. .

What are the steps for NortonLifelock login on the My Norton account portal?

  • You have to go to the Norton login page first. The url is
  • Located at the top left side of the screen is the sign-in option, you have to click it.
  • You will be redirected to the page where you have to type in the Norton login account details.
  • In the first box key in the email address, you linked to your Norton account.
  • The second box is for the My Account password. Carefully type in the needed password.
  • Lastly, give a click to the sign in button.

You can also ease out the whole process by selecting the 'remember me' option. This way you don't have to fill in the details for each login.

What are the steps for Norton login on Android smartphones?

  • You have to first open the url in a web browse.
  • Next, you have to locate the Norton mobile security app.
  • You can utilize the search box to speedily find the app.
  • Then you have to tap the download button adjacent to the app option.
  • This will install the app to your android phone now you have to tap the icon to open the app.
  • You have to accept the license term on the home screen of the Norton app.
  • Next, you have to tap the menu button or the gear icon.
  • In the menu, you have to choose the login option.
  • When the login screen appears you have to enter the Norton login account email address and password.
  • Lastly, you have to tap the sign-in button to begin the login process.

What are the steps for NortonLifelock login on the iOS phone?

  • You need to login to your NortonLifelock Login account from an iOS device you have to do the following steps;
  • You have to visit apple's app store and download the NortonLifelock mobile security app.
  • When the app is downloaded to your iPhone you have to install it.
  • After installation, you have to launch the NortonLifelock mobile security app.
  • You have to then go through the license agreement terms displayed on the screen and tap the Agree button.
  • Then you should expand the menu icon and tap the NortonLifelock login link.
  • Then as the last step, you have to type in the Norton account login info.

Don't you remember the NortonLifelock login account password? Don't fret just reset it with the given tutorial

  • Directly open the forgot password page with the url
  • If you end up on the sign-in page just opt for the password reset option instead.
  • When you find yourself on the "Having Trouble Signing in" page, you fill in the email address in the given field.
  • Then you just have to click the Continue button.
  • An email with the reset instructions and link will be generated and sent to the email you typed in.
  • Locate the link and click on it to reach the password setup page.
  • Just enter the password you desired and give a click on the update password button.

That is all the information you need for successful login NortonLifelock portal. For any other assistance, NortonLifelock login support and customer help might be the best option. Visit the NortonLifelock official website or opt for any third-party Norton customer support service.